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Fernando Ramirez, Jr.

Lead Paralegal

Introducing our team of expert legal professionals at Bryan Fagan, PLLC, dedicated to providing top-notch family law services. Their combined years of experience and passion for advocating for clients make them a valuable asset to anyone seeking legal guidance in family matters. Get to know the accomplished individuals who make up our team and discover how they can assist you with your family law needs.


Fernando, a native of Houston, Texas, hails from one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities. Born in the 90s, he’s well-acquainted with the Texan climate. He graduated in the class of 2012 from the University of Texas at San Antonio, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. Fernando has a diverse background, including working with the Office of the Attorney General and gaining experience in personal injury cases. Now, he’s taken a proud step into family law. Known for his level-headedness and a warm smile, Fernando is ready to listen and address any client’s situation. His hobbies encompass basketball, a love for Jazz music, ranch tending, and swimming. Fernando is a dedicated husband and father to his daughters, cherishing special moments during the holidays.